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New Jersey girl, Mom of 3, Positive Discipline™ Parent Educator, Author, and Reiki Master I believe that Motherhood is so much more than feeling stressed out and wishing for our old lives back.


I believe that Motherhood is a gift we are bestowed that allows us to access all the parts of us we like to ignore. Addressing these parts mindfully in our Motherhood allows us to step in to our best selves while raising the best version of our kids.

Motherhood challenges you in ways never experienced before.

Your patience is pushed.

You experience every emotional high and low.

You are exhausted.

And you miss your old life.

That's where I come in.

I help Moms learn to love their Motherhood a little bit more.

I believe that all Mothers can learn to embrace the chaos and find peace in their journey.

I share my personal stories of becoming a better self and the Mom sized melt downs it took me to get here because I know that we all experience Motherhood in parallel.

I believe it's better when we do it together.

I believe life is meant for more.

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Enjoy Motherhood More

Learn simple tricks to practice mindfulness

(while already doing all the things)

Mindfulness Tools for Everyday Moms 


If you are ready to work to enhance your motherhood emotionally, process physically, and dive down spiritually


Live and Virtual meetups to come together as community to learn about Positive Discipline™  Parenting, Mindfulness for Every Day Life, and Metaphysical practices in the home LEARN MORE HERE 

Join hundreds of Moms who have adopted daily mindfulness practices in their lives and homes.

Get ready to  feel more in love with your Motherhood.


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