Crystals 101 

Become a master at creating your crystal collection and using them in your home


Crystals for Mindful Moms is your go-to solution to learn:

How to choose the crystals personalized for you

The importance of why and the how to of cleansing and charging your crystals

How to use them in your home; including which corners in your home to place certain crystals to create more abundance and an overall sense of calm

How to use crystals to enhance meditation

The 6 crystals everyone should own and which crystals help to ground and repel negativity

Walk into any crystal shop with confidence!

Crystal healing has been used for centuries. Get on board with what so many others already know…..


Crystals will enhance your life, brighten your mood, and help you to create all that you desire.


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It's time to start living the life you see in your mind

...and it starts here.

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