End 2018 with peace, love, and joy!

Join in on a FREE 3-day journey of meaningful meditation and journaling exercises. 


Our journey begins on December 11.

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Join in on this FREE 3 day challenge!

Release what no longer serves you



Day 1 will focus on feeling secure enough to let go of false beliefs and 'shoulds' that leave you stressed and overwhelmed.

Find freedom in


Day 2 invites you to dive deeper and accept what is, what you can not change, and come to peace with what is beyond your control.

Create Joy and manifest your best self

Day 3 offers a chance to truly get in touch with how you want to feel and what you'd like to manifest in your life; leaving you with an action plan of how to achieve your best self!


3 days of Meditation

Take 5 minutes a day to meditate and clear some space in your mind. Use this time to connect with your breath and within to your true wants, needs, and desires.

3 days of Journaling

5 minutes to practice the art of automatic writing, allowing your true unedited thoughts to flow.

This practice will get you more deeply in touch with your truth, creating space for the best version of YOU to emerge! 

Sign up and end 2018 mindfully - with joy, peace, and love!

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