Making Meditation Work for You

The Daily 5™

5 minutes a day to transform

your world,

your home,

and your life.

Learn meditation basics like how to sit, how to breathe, and how to release your thoughts when they creep in.

Explore different forms of meditation to learn which is best for you.

Learn how to commit to a DAILY 5™ practice for 30 days and relieve your level of stress and anxiety!

Receive weekly guidance to create a more mindful presence at home with your children.

Access to private FB group for unlimited access and support

Get FREE access to EXPECTFUL, a meditation APP just for Moms

Why The Daily 5™?

My passion lies in helping Moms achieve success with daily meditation. This program takes the 'chance' out of getting it done and very clearly teaches you how to BE, how to commit, and how to actually make meditation work for you!


The Daily 5™ will teach you how to be more mindful with your thoughts and words, how to sneak in meditation while already doing all things 'Mom,' and how to show up as the stay calm Mom you wish to be.


5 minutes a day is all it takes to create the best version of you.


Are you ready to be HER?

Regularly $111

NOW only $55

until The Daily 5 Book™ comes out!

Come for the connection to your breath.

Stay for the know-how, community, accountability, and most CALM version of YOU.

I just loved this program. I’m super busy, and had tried meditation in the past, but it never worked out. This program was easy and showed me how to fit meditation into my daily life! 

I started this challenge thinking I couldn’t meditate but with the provided insight, support and knowledge you made me realize I can meditate! I really appreciate your honesty and transparency throughout the challenge! Thank you for helping me start my meditation journey! 

I love how Dena takes the mystery of meditation away and makes it very relatable. She is very real and says what we are all thinking as moms. I appreciate her authenticity and true passion for helping real moms find the best version of themselves. 

The time to welcome meditation into you life is NOW.

You home life deserves peace.

You deserve to feel like yourself.

You are worth YOUR time.

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