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Here's access to the ONE thing that I have done that has made me a more Mindful Mom....
Here's how I began to recognize my thoughts and how they affect my perception of any given moment with my family.

What's my trick? ......Meditation!

After years of continuing to be a stressed out Mom, feeling like I was constantly sacrificing, for my family and having little to no BALANCE in my life, I decided to make a change. I decided that the peace I so deeply wanted in my family life had to begin with me. And so I began to explore how I could change my perception to enjoy the small moments, and learn to deal, with grace, during the Mom moments that were sometimes less than enjoyable. 

In an effort to stop feeling stressed out all the time, I turned to meditation to make a change. I didn’t know where to start, how to actually do it, or if it would even make an impact on how I showed up. But, because of it, over the past two years, my life has been completely transformed!


The BEST part is, even when not in meditation, I am so much more aware of my feelings in stressful moments. I can choose to make a change, and when I make a change in my thoughts, my entire perception of the moment turns around. 


Can meditation really help us Mamas?


Absolutely! A consistent meditation practice actually can re-wire your brain to react less and respond more.


Do you know what that means?



It means, less yelling, more responding toward our children.

It means, less stress, more opportunities to be in the moment and enjoy the little things that make being a Mom so worth it!


We don’t have to spend our days stressed out and always on the go. We can be present with our kids and appreciate the small moments. We can see our kid’s needs for what they are and fulfill them in a way that nurtures the Mother/Child relationship.


Meditation has been a huge part of my transformation from Overwhelmed Mom to Mindful Mom. And this program is designed for Moms, just like you, who don’t know where to start and can’t even imagine scheduling one more thing in to your day!


  • An introduction to various meditation methods

  • My fool proof plan for fitting meditation in regularly

  • (3) guided meditations to follow ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes (I mean,who doesn’t have 2 minutes?)

  • Access to my private Facebook community

  • Peace of mind

How would you feel if you didn’t’ feel overwhelmed with running your household? How would you show up if you were more in-the-moment with your kids?


Mom life doesn’t always have to have such extreme emotional waves, ladies. Your peace is worth it, I promise you. Meditation can show you the way!


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Dena is a Mom, a Mindful Mama Mentor, Energy Healer and Speaker. Her mission to be transparent when talking about Motherhood; the good and the not so good. She understands the rawness of emotion that comes with Motherhood and how to navigate this coaster in a peaceful, understanding way.


She is a leader of women who want to transform their Motherhood journeys through Mind, Body, and Soul work. She has worked with hundreds of Mothers and has helped them to reconnect with who and how they show up as an individual. She has over 10 years of helping women and 5 years experience dedicated to solely working with Mothers to bring about positive change in their lives.

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"Dena is such a relatable and authentic person that it helps me connect and relate to her on levels I never thought were possible. She has helped me become aware of where I am and where I need to be as a mother and person in general. As a mom, I struggle with being present and get lost in the daily shuffle. Since working with Dena, I have been more mindful and aware of my emotions and check myself when I need to. I look forward to growing and becoming the best mom I can be." - Dana M.