Hey Mama!

Are you tired of feeling stressed because idealistic standards of Mom life have you feeling overwhelmed? 

Would you like to be more 'in the moment' with your kids?

Are you ready to create a sense of calm within yourself & your home?

This program was created with all of us Moms in mind! It is here to help teach you to create space for yourself while having a monumental shift around your thoughts, feelings, and how you experience your time with your kids and your identity as a Mom.


My intention is for you to leave our 5-week program with an understanding of mindful practices; releasing unnecessary stress from your days, creating space for YOURSELF and tuning in to the things that matter; the joy, laughter, love and growth that comes with being a Mom!

So….maybe you really don’t think that’s possible. After all, you may think, having kids will always come with a new way of driving up us a wall! There will always be something to do, somewhere to go, and something to plan for. There will always be moments of not listening and spending time running your family in the  “go, go, GO!” mentality.


And…You’re right! As a Mom, we always have something to do and our kids will always trigger us. But the truth is, we can change how we respond to the things that we cannot control. We don’t need to be so reactive all the time. We don’t need to yell. We don’t need to feel like no one listens to or respects us. And we definitely don't need to feel out of control!


Being a peaceful parent and a Mindful Mama begins with YOU! Together we will learn to create a new way of showing up and showing strength for yourself and your kids.


Over the last few years, I’ve learned to make these shifts myself and change the way I show up as a Mom and a woman.

Now I want to help you do the same!


week one

Understanding How our Energy controls our Home

  • This week we get clear on how you want to feel as a Mindful Mom.

  • Learn how your thoughts and energy control your household and how to choose peace.

  • Learn to surrender to this ideal of a do-all, be-all Mom and find your state of having enough!

  • Become open to a new process and way of thinking.

Ditch the Mom Guilt and create your calm

week two

  • Learn to re-wire your brain to respond to your kids, not react!

  • Learn to ditch the Mom Guilt and create a sense of calm.

  • Create affirmations about how you show up as a Mindful Mom and woman.

  • Create daily mantras to help through stressful moments of Motherhood.

week three

Creating Space for Self-Care

  • Get clear on what type of self-care you need.

  • Understand your sense of worth as a Woman and how deeply you need to own it as a Mom.

  • Create an action plan to fit in self-care weekly.

  • Ditch the guilt and give back to yourself!

Mindful Mama Mantras & Meditations

week four


  • Align your thoughts with your feelings to bring about true change!

  • Learn quick meditation techniques to bring you back to center and keep you in the moment with your kids. 

  • Create time for meditation.

  • Implement meditation and mantra practices in your day, including guided meditations provided for you!

week five

Owning Your Strengths & Integration

  • Learn how gratitude is your ally to get through the mundane Mom life stuff.

  • Implement tools to create peace and calm within yourself.

  • Create a plan of action to continuously show up as your best self.

  • Become the type of Mindful Mama that you desire to be!


Dena is a Mom, a Mindful Mama Mentor, Energy Healer and Speaker. Her mission to be transparent when talking about Motherhood; the good and the not so good. She understands the rawness of emotion that comes with Motherhood and how to navigate this coaster in a peaceful, understanding way.


She is a leader of women who want to transform their Motherhood journeys through Mind, Body, and Soul work. She has worked with hundreds of Mothers and has helped them to reconnect with who and how they show up as an individual. She has over 10 years of helping women and 5 years experience dedicated to solely working with Mothers to bring about positive change in their lives.

In addition to your 5 Weekly Modules you will receive:

  • (2) short guided Mindful Mama Meditations that you own forever ($200 value)

  • Mindful Mama Mantras and Weekly Affirmations ($500 value)

  • Private VIP FB Group (Priceless)


  • Access to ME for Q/A (Priceless)

  • Radical transformation in your parenting and stress level (Priceless)



Dena has a gift for helping women heal through emotional and physical work. She has the ability to bring together, to motivate & inspire. Because of the calmness that surrounds her, I have learned to be calmer and have witnessed others do the same! I am happy to follow her lead on this journey of calm and peaceful mothering.


Natalie R.

Dena really "gets it" when it comes to parenting and frustration. She keeps it real while helping me realize that self-care is essential in order to care for my son. I have been able to step back and examine my own feelings and remain calm (mostly) when faced with my son's big feelings.


Christie V.


When does the program start?

This program was pre-recorded as a LIVE program but is now available as a self study. Upon purchase, you get access to all 5 modules.


What if I don't have time to start the course now? 

This course is at your own pace, so you can start when you are ready. And because you own this content forever, you can go through the course as many times as you would like. 


What can I expect from this course? 

Remove stress, screaming and increase support, love, and guidance plan to become the Mom you deeply desire to be!


Are you offering a payment plan? 

YES! You will find all of my payment options below.  


Can you guarantee results? 

If you show up, do the work and stay committed to the process, a shift is inevitable.

Get in Touch.
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