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‘The world will be saved by the western woman’

- His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Welcome. If you’re anything like me, perhaps you are looking to create the best version of yourself so that you may help to raise the best version of your children.


Maybe you’ve never had any interest in mindfulness and meditation, maybe you meditate daily, or maybe you have always wanted to but have never created the time or space to do so. Welcome. This is a space of non-judgement. I believe in coming together as sisters to share and be open about dealing with the stresses of Motherhood and honoring our own true selves.


My name is Dena, and soon after I gave birth to my second child, I realized that I felt that I was losing touch with myself. After a number of Mom sized meltdowns, I realized that I was not showing up in this world as the woman I really wanted to be, and therefore could not physically or emotionally be the Mom that I truly wanted to be for my children.

Motherhood had me overwhelmed and acting out in what I felt was an undesirable way. I decided to turn to Mindfulness and basic Meditation practices as a way of coping with the stresses I was facing. This was my attempt to learn more about myself and be honest with how I felt. I needed a change so I choose to focus on my breath (hey, it’s free!!! and always present). I opted for a path that would help me to create the best version of myself so that I could create the best version of my children…..this is now my obsession.


Let’s be honest, I adore being a Mom, but sometimes I don’t. I stand here now, not as a perfect Mom, but as a Mom who uses tools of mindfulness and meditation to ‘take the edge off.’ And I share my learnings with you in the hopes that, together, we may grow as a community of women and Moms committed to raising this next generation from a place of peace and love; within ourselves, our homes, and outward toward our communities.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. 


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