Meditation and Journaling to shed your skin and TRANSFORM

14 days.

Complete Transformation.

In 14 days you will:

Release what you didn't even know was holding you back

Accept yourself and your, really accept. Not just trick your mind

Uncover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a story that won't have the fairytale happy ending

And finally MANIFEST. Phoenix-level manifesting. Create the life you and your family are excited about. (and learn how I manifested 30K and got my family completely out of debt!)

Statistics show people don't experience REAL, LASTING CHANGE in their lives without skin in the game.

I want this for you.


I want this for your family.


You all deserve it.

I'm accepting only 5 Mamas to guide through this transformation. This way I can really spend the necessary time and attention with each one and teach them how to manifest their deepest desires.


For only $144 you can truly change and create your truest desires for 2019.


I know the first people to sign up have MASSIVE skin in the game and are READY to make this change get in while there are still spots!

Enroll NOW and receive a hand-picked affirmation card mailed directly to you!

+ As an added bonus, you will be gifted a BRAND NEW JOURNAL

Daily 5 minutes of guided meditation practice

Daily automatic writing prompts to gain deeper awareness

1:1 call to break through your limiting beliefs


a live group coaching call

Daily accountability and community

Dena has a gift for helping women achieve their best mental and emotional state. Her ability to reach out and support always make an impact! Because of her guidance and support, I now have a daily meditation practice, I am much more calm with my kids, and can take each moment of motherhood with a deep breath and an extra dose of gratitude - Natalie

2019 will FINALLY be the beginning you've been waiting for.


Shed all of the yuck of 2018 and start over.


Don't wait to see all of the testimonials later....BE one of the testimonials.

Your transformation begins February 5

I am always in awe of Dena’s ability to be totally real -truly authentic and vulnerable. She has a gift to hold space for others to lower their guard and open up. Through her sharing her insights, thoughts and questions- it’s allowed me to hold a mirror up to myself and see how I am showing up as a wife and mother and truly change from the inside out! - Lara

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