Messy Manifestation

Manifesting….have you heard the term? It’s this magical belief that if we think it, it will happen.

First made popular by the now infamous book, The Secret, manifesting has lately taken a turn from spiritual practice to buzz word that allows anyone to think that they are able to create miracles in their lives.

Don’t let me fool you, I believe in manifesting 1000%. It’s basically how I run my life! (adding with loads of faith, reading and studying this craft, daily meditation, and other spiritual practices that allow me to feel connected) But manifesting isn’t as easy as thinking good thoughts in the morning.

I have made TONS of mistakes when thinking that I was doing all the right things to manifest the life of my dreams. I have gotten my family into major debt, I have been called a liar by mentors I adore, I have damaged the trust my husband had in me, and I have snapped at my kids when faced with the reality that things actually weren’t working out the way I thought I was manifesting them to.

Let me explain….when it comes to the universal Law of Attraction, there are actually many ways to mess this up. The Law of Attraction simply states that what you think, you will see. But it’s actually not this easy. Besides having to think positive thoughts, you have to believe with unshakable grounding that this will come true for you. You need to rid yourself of all doubt and understand YOUR personal reality vs the reality you’d like to see. (this was the major mistake I made that cost my family thousands and launched us into debt).

It’s no wonder why this is hard for us Moms! On top of ‘being positive’ we still have to cook dinner, separate screaming kids, shower, and run our homes.

It does come as no surprise that when we truly commit to this practice, that miracles DO occur. We actually are able to manifest money, healthy relationships, and calm homes. We just have to believe it Mama! (and do the work!)

So how do we achieve this state of having everything we desire?

We have to deepen our awareness. Where are our thoughts and feelings guiding us? How are our actions working for or against us? And how can we learn to connect to ourselves, remove what doesn’t serve us so that we can understand the Law of Attraction and make it all work?

The first, and most important, step is to truly understand how your feelings are guiding everything that shows up in your life. Feelings of lack, not enoughness, or never gonna happenness, keep us from where we’d like to be no matter how many positive thoughts we may say we feel.

The second step is to truly be willing to heal what haunts us. Because mama, when you become willing to stop living in the past, the past stops holding you back.

When it comes to manifesting, I have made many mistakes. But I have worked my tail off, done the work, and now understand the magic that manifestation truly brings when done correctly.

Our dream lives are possible. I believe in the power of manifestation, and even more deeply, the ideal that we can have the best and give that to our children, no matter what our circumstances may be.

I invite you to learn to begin how to truly release what no longer serves you and begin your own journey on manifesting by joining me for FREE 3 day immersion to end 2018 with! Just for us Moms you can join in HERE!

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