METTA Meditation for Moms

Last week I had a run in with an extended family member who said to me (regarding my current pregnancy)

“Just don’t name the baby anything weird Dena.’

And followed this comment with:

‘do ME a favor, don’t let this one sleep in your room. Throw this baby in its own room.’

Hello, triggered!

We are all surrounded by well-intentioned people, whether family, friends, or strangers, that may trigger our emotional state in some way. Whether filling us with love, turning us off, or just being a neutral non-specific person who yet remains in our lives, it is us, the individual who is responsible for how we hit all of these situations.

As Moms, we hold our personal journey in Motherhood so sacred and so special that when we are on the receiving end of comments that don’t sit well within, we react. It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to worry, and it’s super easy to project deeper. But do you know what creates more of a challenge for many of us? Meeting these situations with loving kindness.

METTA Meditation is a form of meditation also known as Loving-Kindness Meditation. It is about expansion of your truest nature, love. It is about getting into the essence of feeling this unabridged love toward yourself, toward someone you love (easy), toward a neutral person in your life (rewarding), and toward someone who presents difficulty to you (the challenge!).

For this hard headed Jersey girl, METTA meditation felt terribly unnatural for much of my beginning practice until I learned to see the reason why this practice was essential.

As human beings, our natural state is of love. We see this as Moms easily in moments with our babies, watching them as toddler, and feeling pride toward the woman or man they are becoming. As Mothers, we understand this pure aspect of humanity. But as humans living in this world, we often forget. Our defenses rise, we bring entitlement and fear into our lives, and this pure LOVE in and of all things diminishes.

METTA Meditation brings us back to this place of inner knowing and of ultimate loving.

METTA Meditation, also known as Loving Kindness Meditation has been preached by many Meditation Master teachers such as Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. It is about expressing our truest form and finding love toward everyone and everything.

As the text, A Course in Miracles states, ‘Every Loving thought is REAL. Everything else is an appeal for healing or help.’

So how do we practice METTA?

Simply stated, METTA Meditation is reciting 4 statements toward four different people in your life.

Silently get into a place of feeling your heart and repeat the following:

1. May you be happy.

2. May you be well.

3. May you be safe.

4. May you be peaceful and at ease.

Do this practice toward:

1. Yourself first

2. Someone you love

3. Someone in your life who is neutral

4. A difficult person in your life.

Bring this practice into your world and watch your ability to recognize love, even in the most challenging moments arise. Remember, we are all love and when we can harness our own ability to give love we can transform our inner and outer world.

For an easy practice to learn how to FEEL love and gratitude, I invite you to access my FREE guided Gratitude Meditation HERE.

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