On Gratitude and Guilt

I’ve noticed a trend in the world of all things Mom. When we are reminded about the power behind regular gratitude practices such as making daily lists, gratitude meditations, or feeling appreciation and expressing it us (Western) Moms love to do so by throwing in a healthy side of GUILT.

I’m fascinated by this connection between one of the highest vibrational emotions – gratitude and the desire to mix it with one of the lowest – guilt.

Why do we do this?

First, let’s tackle Mom guilt. In Western culture we have been convinced that Mom Guilt actually stands for an extension of our love for our children. So, let’s say we do take a night out for ourselves, buy the expensive boots, or just declare out loud ‘I want a day by myself with no one else around!’ but we do so with GUILT, we are convincing ourselves that yes, we are all still good enough Moms.

But what if you could do all of the above without the guilt? What if, instead, you just felt grateful for the ability to spend money on yourself, the opportunity to go out alone, or just some time to prioritize you? What if, you could actually be a good enough Mom without always thinking and putting your children first?

Just because you are a Mom doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the same sense of appreciation for time with and without your kids. Just because you are a Mom doesn’t mean that you must abandon all sense of self and only focus on what brings you joy with through your children.

Furthermore, you are allowed to feel overwhelmed and stressed without an addendum to your emotional state. Meaning, you don’t have to self correct with phrases like ‘I know I shouldn’t feel this way BUT….’

Feel THIS way girl! Whichever way is calling you in the moment, you are allowed to feel! This doesn’t mean that you are not grateful for your life, your children, and your family. It simply means you are experiencing human thought and emotion.

When we think about gratitude, there is no right or wrong. And when we harness the power of gratitude, there is absolutely zero room for guilt.

Gratitude is the single most powerful emotion that will shift all states of mind. But in order for it to be cultivated properly, it needs to come unapologetically from the heart. It needs to be untarnished, unclouded by the heavy burden that we allow to cling to it as Mothers.

Gratitude will move mountains, but only when unchained by guilt.

For this moment, feed into your truth, whatever it may be. Find gratitude to lift you up and release the guilt that holds you down.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to gratitude! There is only love. And guilt and love don’t co-exist.

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