On Miracles and Broccoli

‘A Miracle is merely a shift in perception’ this is one of my favorite quotes from Spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson about the teachings of the text A Course in Miracles.

If you believe in miracles, like me, you may be waiting for a monumental event before you claim a ‘miracle’ in your life. I am totally there with you! But if we use Marianne’s definition, it’s easy to see that miracles surround us as Moms each and every day.

Last week I had a tremendous week. I hosted a workshop that hit my goal number of attendees (literally the DAY OF) even though I had marketed it and sold it for two months. This meant that I spent two months worrying, planning, wondering if I should cancel it….all until I shifted my perception and my words to accommodate the miracle I was actually expecting. Wouldn’t you know it, when I allowed myself to be more open to the miracle, it all unfolded exactly the way it was supposed to!

The same day of my workshop, I was gifted another miracle of large proportions. Gabby Bernstein herself offered to edit my current book proposal, for free! THIS WAS MAJOR! Not only was this offer granted to me the same day of workshop, a tremendous mentor of mine was offering to take time out of her super busy schedule to help me with a project that I feel so deeply connected to; a creative outlet that she excels at!

In both of these above examples, it was so easy to see and be grateful for the miracles happening within my life. But if I was able to see these HUGE deals as a miracle, how much of my life was full of miracles that I was actually missing?

When I think about a miracle being merely just a change in perception, I am flooded with the openness of possibility. It truly makes me think of how many miracles occur in my life regularly, I just don’t give them the proper name. I ignore them thinking they are mere coincidence but what really is happening on a Universal level, is an attachment to what really is a truth: MIRACLES ARE A BIRTHRIGHT. WE ARE ALL ENTITLED AND BLESSED WITH MIRACLES EACH AND EVERY DAY.

-So, when my kids eat a new food or try something they had previously decided they hated, that’s a miracle! Thanks broccoli!

-If my husband and I are in a disagreement and one of us suddenly decides to drop our resistance toward one another and come back to our love, another miracle.

-If I make dinner that at least 75% of my family enjoys – I can now take that as a miracle!

-Or even more minor shifts like a person deciding to let me go in front of them at the supermarket check-out.

-And what about those times that I am getting unwanted or unsolicited parenting advice and because of my demeanor I ask shift a person’s thought to be more in line with mine.

The greatest miracle that it easy to forget is how precious and how unlikely it is that the souls we call our children choose us to be their parent. If viewing our life as a miracle is as simple as remembering this truth, I hope you feel the miracle inside your world all day long.

Remember it’s merely that simple shift in perception, one that takes you from being overwhelmed, stressed Mom, to in the moment, grateful and miracle receptive Mom.

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