Stepping In To


Soul-led work to become the best Mom you can be.

14 days.

Fulfillment from the inside, out.

In Just 14 days you will:

Get in touch with what excites you and pursue it unapologetically.

Open yourself up to all possibilities that serve YOU for your life.

Tune in to the guidance around you to bring you closer to your truest purpose.

And finally, BECOME ALIGNED with yourSELF and your Motherhood! (and learn how to make it all work and feel GREAT!)

Statistics show Mothers don't experience REAL, LASTING CHANGE in their lives without taking time to invest in themselves.

I want this for you.


For yourSELF.

For your Motherhood.


Every piece of you deserves it.

I'm accepting Moms now to guide through this transformation. This way I can really spend the necessary time and attention with each one and teach them how to bring their soul's desires in to their lives.


For just $144 you can commit to tuning in to your SELF

and find your happiness there.

Enroll NOW and receive a hand-picked affirmation card mailed directly to you!

(if you're looking for your sign THIS IS IT)

Dena has a gift for helping women achieve their best mental and emotional state. Her ability to reach out and support always make an impact! Because of her guidance and support, I feel fulfilled and on my best path. I now have a daily meditation practice, I am much more calm with my kids, and can take each moment of motherhood with a deep breath and an extra dose of gratitude - Jess

Nurture the

4 pillars of Fulfillment

Tune in to opportunities that you are being guided toward

Take action to bring more joy in to your life

1 LIVE Group Coaching Call + Daily accountability and community

Your children deserve for you to become the best Mom you can be.


Your soul is ready to be heard.

Your transformation begins October 14

I am always in awe of Dena’s ability to be totally real -truly authentic and vulnerable. She has a gift to hold space for others to lower their guard and open up. Through her sharing her insights, thoughts and questions- it’s allowed me to hold a mirror up to myself and see how I am showing up as a wife and mother and truly change from the inside out! - Lara