The next 30 days will change your life.

Are you ready to learn how to breathe?

The stuff before we start:
Watch the following video and make the following commitment to yourself before you embark on your 30 day journey. 
1. What time of day will you meditate, everyday?
2. What is your non-negotiable; the one thing you will or will NOT do unless your meditation is complete?
3. How will you hold yourself accountable?
The How To's
How to 'be'
This video will teach you what meditation is and is not; how to sit, how to breathe, and how to focus during your daily 5 practice. 
What to do with your thoughts
The most common objective I hear about meditation is 'I can't silent my mind.'
Cool! That means you are doing it right!
This video will teach you exactly what to do with your thoughts during your daily 5 practice. 
How to meditate with distractions.
Let's get real for a second. The purpose of the daily 5 is NOT to make meditation just another thing on your 'to-do' list. Sometimes, you will find that the only way to get your practice in is if your kids are around.
This video will teach you how to meditate with distractions; whether they be a baby, an animal, or loud eating from the other room. 
Ready to begin?
Every 5 days we'll be learning a new way to bring meditation into your life. And every week you'll be sent an email with a new weekly challenge to make your days more mindful and pleasant.
Commitment is key here, so get ready, set, and meditate!