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So was I, and so I sought out coaches and mentors to help me learn to show up as a more Mindful woman! I learned what I can do to find my calm in the chaos that can sometimes be Motherhood. And now, in turn, I bring the skills I have applied in my REAL MOM life and work with other Moms needing some mindfulness, calm, and accountability into their lives. In this journey, I also decided to listen to my soul’s callings and follow things that set my inner guide on fire. I not only help women with mindfulness and meditation, but also heal through Energy Work, Reiki, and by working with the Chakra system and Angels. I am able to use these gifts as a means of helping both the emotional and physical bodies heal, feel calm, and whole.


As a Certified Personal Trainer for almost 15  years (ahhh how did I get so old?!), I believe very strongly in a mind / body / soul connection. I truly believe that taking time to work on each step of this essential paradigm builds the pyramid of overall health and wellness.

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